Key Speeches

Here is a selection of my key speeches over the years.Lotteries Debate 12th December 2017

Defence and Security Forum, 22nd January 2018

“These increased threats must mean a bigger defence budget. Our security is at stake.” 

Autumn Budget 2017, 23rd November 2017

“Brexit Britain requires a bigger vision, more confident, outward-looking, self-rewarding.”

Coping with Russia at St Andrews University, 2nd February 2017Autumn Budget 2017 speech 1

“President Trump has spoken about the need for engagement with Russia – he’s right.”

The Case for the Retention of the UK’s Independent Nuclear Deterrent, 23rd March 2016

“The most fundamental role of the Armed Forces is not to fight wars, Defence Review Statement 25th January 2018 standingbut – through their very existence – to deter, and thus to prevent war.”

Defence Reform: a New Relationship with Industry, 27th February 2015

“This is about striking a new relationship so that industry considers itself not so much suppliers, but deliverers for defence.”37280872695_402b7f3fc2_o

Celebrating Local Enterprise 15th September 2017

“Wider society has a lot to learn from small businesses.”