I have to say I’m bowled over at how you have taken my enquiries seriously over the years and always respond thoughtfully and fully. I think you are an excellent constituency MP…thank you.

Mr G, Toys Hill

Many thanks for your efforts…I will certainly be voting for you in the future.

Mr S, Swanley

I hadn’t fully appreciated before how unbelievably influential an MP can be!…We are really very grateful to you.

Ms L, Sevenoaks

I think this is the second or third time I have contacted you as my MP to ask for your help with issues that are important to me. Each time I have received a detailed and considered response in return. I would not describe myself as a committed supporter of your Party but I am impressed with the way you personally find time for your constituents despite the pressures of your increasing government responsibilities. This will definitely influence the way I use my vote at next year’s General Election.

Mr C, Sevenoaks