Michael is re-elected!

Michael has been re-elected as the Member of Parliament for Sevenoaks. His share of the vote increased by 6.8%, meaning he secured a record 64% of the vote.

Michael’s majority is now nearly 22,000 votes. A candidate has only achieved over 64% of the vote in Sevenoaks twice in the last 120 years, first in 1900 and second in 1935, both times when Labour either didn’t exist or didn’t stand.

General Election 2017: SEVENOAKS

Michael FALLON (Cons)          32,644 votes        63.7%        (+6.8%)

Chris Clark (Lab)                     10,727 votes         20.9%        (+8.1%)

Alan Bullion (LibDem)            4,280 votes           8.4%          (+0.5%)

Graham Cushway (UKIP)        1,894 votes            3.7%          (-14.2%)

Philip Dodd (Green)                1,673 votes             3.3%          (-1.2%)

Majority                                              21,917 votes               42.8%

Turnout                                    51,218 votes          72.1%         (+1.2%)

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