Brasted Outdoor Gym

Michael opened a brand new Outdoor Gym on Brasted Recreation Ground today.  He was welcomed by Simon Thorogood, Chair of Brasted Parish Council.

Michael Fallon using the new Outdoor Gym

After congratulating all involved with this exciting new development, Michael said:

‘It’s important that communities invest in peoples’ health.  We are the first generation to need to make a conscious effort to build physical activity into our daily lives.  Fewer of us have manual jobs; technology dominates the workplace and, sometimes, our homes.  We now live in a society that has designed activity out of our lives.

That’s why local initiatives like this are so important.

Being an outdoor gym, close to all the other facilities available on the Recreation Ground, this will serve as a public reminder that there are many ways to keep fit and will demonstrate that exercising can also be fun for all ages.

I congratulate Brasted Parish Council, Sevenoaks District Council and all those in Brasted village who have pulled together to make this project work.’

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