MP Slams New Parking Charges in Swanley

On Thursday 8th November, the owners of Swanley Shopping Centre suddenly imposed parking charges without warning. These car parks are privately owned and lie between the two Swanley medical surgeries. This move has caused great concern; blue badge holders are not exempt and the free ASDA car parks are suffering even greater congestion.

Opposing the new charges, Mr Fallon said:-

“A large number of constituents have complained to me and I was in Swanley on Saturday, 9 November to discuss this matter. Although these car parks are not owned or under the control of the local authorities (either Swanley Town Council or Sevenoaks District Council) I spoke to the Mayor and other Councillors and I know they are actively checking the legal position.

In the meantime, I want the landlords to hold off on the new charges to allow for a fuller consultation.”

One thought on “MP Slams New Parking Charges in Swanley”

  1. Swanley centre has always been renowned for it’s free parking which has been the heart of trading and made it very popular from all areas the only reason I can see that charges have been imposed is due to all the new shops that have opened Wilkinson,Iceland, Aldi etc. which has brought in well needed revenue in trade but by charging for parking will slow people from just popping into Swanley for the small shop looks like greed has raised it’s ugly head once again and hit everyone with another unneeded cost something must be done for the people and businesses not just talk

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