EU Referendum Result

Following the result of the EU referendum, Michael has released the following statement:

“The British people, including a majority in Sevenoaks, have given a clear instruction to the Government.

First, we must respect that decision and ensure it is implemented.  Second, we must safeguard our trade with Europe and ensure that jobs and businesses involved in the EU market are protected.  Third, whichever way we voted, we must all now work to bring the country together.”

EU Referendum Events

In advance of the referendum on Britain’s membership of the European Union on 23rd June, Michael will be discussing his views at two local events:

  1. On Thursday 9th June, Michael will attend an event hosted by Euclid Law at Donnington Manor Hotel in Sevenoaks.  The event will begin at 7.30pm and tickets must be reserved in advance by emailing
  2. On Thursday 16th June, Michael will participate in a debate chaired by Adam Boulton at Sevenoaks School beginning at 7.30pm.  More information is available here.

Michael Supports Remaining in EU

Michael has announced his support for Britain remaining in the European Union following the conclusion of the Prime Minister’s renegotiation.

Michael said: “The Prime Minister’s renegotiation of our relationship with the EU is substantial.  It will now give Britain special status within the EU and ensure our sovereignty is maintained, with the exemption from ‘ever closer union’.

Whether or not to remain in this reformed EU is a decision for the British people and my vote counts as much as anyone else’s.

I remain a Eurosceptic.  But Britain’s national security is paramount and we are safer and stronger inside the EU: leaving would be a big gamble on an uncertain future.”

Voting for a EU Referendum

Michael has, today, voted for an EU Referendum. The bill passed its Second Reading in the House of Commons with 283 votes in favour to 0.

On supporting a referendum, Michael Fallon said:  “People in Sevenoaks feel the EU is heading in a direction we never signed up to – that it’s costing British taxpayers too much and we have lost control of our own affairs.

Today’s lack of participation by Labour and the Liberal Democrats shows that they will not deliver a referendum and UKIP simply cannot. Only a strong, stable Conservative majority government can deliver this chance for the British people to have their say and I will continue to push for the people of Sevenoaks to have their voice heard.”